Just a click away!

Do you have an active account? Log in! From now on, your company can manage its evaluation processes quickly and efficiently. Just log on to the Compmetrica platform to register your candidates, have them take a test online, produce evaluation reports and consolidate your database at any time.

Save time, test online!

There is no need to hold dozens of interviews. Thanks to our web solution, you can screen applicants by analyzing their online test results. You only need to meet with the top candidates, regardless of where you are in the world, and choose the most qualified for the position to be filled.

Benefits of the Compmetrica online kit

Simple to implement

  • No software to install - the solution is completely online;
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5 or more recent versions;
  • Accessible from any computer with Internet access;
  • Web security certificate protecting your data and results.

Configured to your needs

  • Unlimited number of access accounts to accommodate all users within your organization;
  • Assignment of user rights based on individual levels of responsibility;
  • Ability to structure access by department, component, sector, etc.;
  • Results sharing and confidentiality based on your situation.

Goodbye, paper!

  • No delays or supply fees for test materials;
  • No materials for the administrator to manage (i.e., exercise books or participant notebooks);
  • Instant scoring of multiple-choice tests;
  • Questionnaires automatically sent to our firm for scoring.

Hosting of your own tests and data

  • Fast, simple installation of your tests, no matter the type: multiple-choice or essay-type questionnaires, data entry, knowledge or in-basket exercises;
  • Purchase of an annual licence or per-use invoicing;
  • Storing of results and reports on the online testing platform for the duration of your choice;
  • Installation of reports customized for your organization.

Contact us for more information on our online testing services. One of our consultants will help you choose the best online solution: Compmetrica.

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