FuturSkill© – Raising the bar in performance

A proud partner of FuturSkill – ManPower Group, EPSI is a distributor of the new SkillExplorer Online Testing Platform.


SkillExplorer – Personality Inventory

An innovative and unique on the market tool that has been scientifically validated according to international standards.

Detect and develop talent

The behaviors that are effective and useful in exercising a function are influenced by the individual qualities that a person possesses. SkillExplorer allows you to diagnose talent and behavioral competencies in order to make more informed decisions regarding promotions and/or development, which is key in the success of organizations.

Make your selection processes more reliable

Turnover, the raise in costs related to selection…a mistake in recruitment can lead to significant impacts on the organization. Reducing the risk of failure calls for objective and reliable methods that better predict the future success of an employee. SkillExplorer allows you to limit bias and, in turn, secures your recruits.

Harmonize your evaluation practices

The harmonization of practices establishes a common frame of references. The implementation of a single reading grid ensures consistency and fairness in the analysis of results at all levels of the organization.

This new platform touches upon four evaluation fields : reasoning skills, personality, values and motivation, as well as career-oriented competencies. These fields are then divided into 7 specialized tools : Skill Management, Skill Problem Solving, Skill Personality, Skill Call Center, Skill Safety, Skill Sales et Skill Values.


  • A measure of traits that are new on the market
  • 3 modular versions depending on the target audience
  • 5 validity scales for reliable information
  • A dual approach to evaluation: ipsative and normative
  • A candidate approach with the submission of a detailed report
  • A candidate approach with the submission of a detailed report