The indispensable tool for the management of your human resources

Human resources engagement survey platform.

Data - scientific value

Data that informs your business decisions

Your surveys will become more than one-time data collection exercises. They will provide vital information for making important decisions, and will play an important part in meeting your performance objectives.


More than just a survey platform

The technology of our platform relies on a rigorous scientific approach that allows you to measure what really matters. With Ekko, you can take a quick and current snapshot of your organization and create your surveys by selecting questions developed by experts based on rigorous scientific models.


Simple and intuitive

Surveying your employees has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface enables you to launch a survey in just a few minutes, and to obtain high quality results in a short time.

Top-quality reports

Discover at a glance your organization’s current status through our clear and modern reports. Our goal: to provide you with truly useful, action-oriented data. Our reports highlight the factors that will increase engagement in your organization.


Customized support

As experts in employee engagement, we are committed to helping you grow and develop your organization. That is why we offer support tailored to your specific needs. From project management to consulting services, we are there to ensure the success of your approach.


Security is our priority

Your data is sensitive, and we know it. That is why we use the highest industry standards to ensure platform security, while retaining the flexibility to customize the system to meet your needs. We also safeguard respondents’ anonymity, a key factor in guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of your results.

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