The Good Side of Gossip
February 16, 2017

Although most people do not like to consider themselves as gossips, they have probably engaged in gossip at some point in their life. While the term gossip has developed a negative connotation in our culture, at its core it simply refers to conversations about a person who is not present. For employers with employees sharing
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Making the Most of Shared Workspaces
July 5, 2016

When being told that the office is switching over the shared workspaces, we are often told the same things: “It will encourage collaboration! It will promote learning! It’s going to foster our organizational culture!” The whole while, most people are thinking: “There goes my peace and quiet.” Regardless of how we feel, it is our
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Workaholism Should not be a Badge of Honour
January 11, 2016

Have you ever been a part of a conversation like the following: Person A: “I’m so busy with work lately!  I don’t think I left the office before 7pm all week.” Person B: “Oh same here, I must have been doing 60 hour weeks for the past month!” Person C: “Tell me about it!  I
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Negotiations: How to ask for what you want
May 26, 2015

The wage gap, based on both gender and race, has been a hot topic in recent months, fueled in part by the passionate Oscar acceptance speech from Patricia Arquette on February 22nd. It may be surprising to some people that not everyone holding the same position within an organization receives equal pay when completing the
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