June 20, 2017

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Organizations have to continually improve their practices in order to be competitive. When the time comes to improve the efficiency of an organization, we often think of working on the means of production, developing new, more modern infrastructures, or even reviewing the operational processes. We tend to forget that the strength of an organization resides in its people and that a new acquisition will have a significant impact. It is the same situation when a new player is drafted by a professional sports team. This team should select a player who has the skills the team needs and who also has a game style that is compatible with the team’s style.

The labour market has changed significantly in comparison to that of past generations, and staffing processes must inevitably adapt. Competition amongst companies to find the best talent is becoming increasingly fierce, challenging the ability of organizations to attract, train and retain this rare gem. Accordingly, it is the investment in the organizational capacity that will determine future success for companies.

Attracting the best candidates for a job becomes increasingly difficult. Job seekers are confronted with a variety of job offers, and they will apply for jobs at companies that seem most interesting for them. Therefore, companies need to work on their employer brand and promote it in order to attract job seekers’ attention. This will help companies to be better positioned on the job market and, therefore, obtain better candidate pools for the positions to staff.

Today’s companies use increasingly complex recruitment processes to select the best candidates. We can think of psychometric tests, structured interviews, or even new approaches, like the “gamification” of evaluations. Processes of this kind bring candidates into a virtual world in which they are asked to respond to job-related scenarios. Thus, we note that companies are constantly trying to improve their methods of selection, and this new approach is increasingly used by HR today.

Finally, in an effort to increase talent retention, today’s organizations are no longer looking only for intelligence or skills. Moreover, they try to find individuals, who not only share the same values, but also the same objectives, to increase the “compatibility” between them and their employees. Such employees will be more committed and loyal to the organization’s mission, fact which, in turn, will foster talent retention and increased productivity.


Joel Durivage

Corporate Development Agent


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