How Can a Psychometric Test Help your Sport Performance?

November 12, 2014

The development of the General Profiler for Sports (GPS) is based on several years of research allowing for a parallel between the reality associated with a sports environment and the selection of athletes based on the competency approach.

Whether you’re an Athlete, a Coach, a Trainer or a GM, the General Profiler for Sports is the first step towards the development and improvement of personal characteristics in athletes. The GPS evaluates different aptitudes and abilities athletes should have in order to attain and remain successful at the elite level.

The sports community is quickly realizing the advantages of this product and the GPS has already been used by prominent sports organizations throughout North America, such as the NHL and National Sports organisations.

We truly believe that this tool will help you identify and develop athletes and teams. Get started with GPS today, because attitude is everything!

Below is an interview on the GPS by Hockey this Morning featuring André Durivage and Franco Maimone. We also wrote an article in the Hockey News Magazine!

Franco Maimone

About the Author

Franco Maimone

Franco is the Executive Director at EPSI. During his 5 years as a director and 7 years experience as a consultant for EPSI he provided expert advice to clients on the use of psychometric tests in both the private and public sector. You can connect with Franco by and on LinkedIn.

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