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Overtime goals are not always about skill but rather who had the mental endurance to persevere.  Learn how the GPS can be used to identify the attributes associated to mental toughness.
A soccer penalty kick is one of the most intense moments in any sport as it is a mind game as much as a physical talent. Do you have the personality profile to not crumble under pressure?
Tired of your team losing on a last second field goal? Find out more on how the GPS can help you assess the mental toughness of your team to ensure that clutch performance!
In basketball, cold streaks can be devastating for your individual game. Find out how the GPS can help you bounce back from a few missed shots.
Often called the thinking man’s game due to the high number of complex decisions being made in fractions of a second. The GPS helps you assess beyond the physical aspect of your athletes and measures to what extent they will be able to execute complex baseball strategies in different situations.
Sometimes the only thing standing between you and the podium is yourself. The GPS can help identify what your motivational factors are therefore allowing you to achieve peak performance.
Ever wonder why your team is lacking cohesion even though you have tried different team-building activities? With the GPS, learn what the personality profile of your team is so you can finally make it work!