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  • HOCKEY GPS can be used to identify mental toughness.
  • SOCCER Do you have the personality profile to not crumble under pressure?
  • FOOTBALL Tired of your team losing on a last second field goal?
  • BASKETBALL The GPS can help you bounce back from a few missed shots.
  • BASEBALL GPS helps you assess beyond the physical aspect of your athletes.
  • INDIVIDUAL The only thing standing between you and the podium is yourself.
  • TEAM Learn what the personality profile of your team is so you can finally make it work!

EPSI's Sports Division

EPSI's Sports Division was created in January 2011 following the successful launch of its sports personality profiler, the General Profiler for Sports (GPS). The General Profiler for Sports (GPS) is a test that was developed by psychologists and professionals working in the field of psychometric assessment. As with all the other assessment tools from the Compmetrica product line created by EPSI, the development of the General Profiler for Sports (GPS) is based on several years of research allowing for a parallel between the reality associated with a sports environment and the selection of athletes based on a competency approach.

The GPS is used by coaches, scouts, and general managers to identify elements needed by an athlete to improve performance and elevate them to the elite level. It's true that sport is essentially physical. None the less, we can never underestimate the impact that personal characteristics have on athletic performance. These factors can make the difference between an average athlete and an outstanding athlete. Physical ability, talent, effort and personal characteristics are all factors that help make a person a proven winner.

Using a simple to interpret report, the GPS provides information on an athlete's motivational factors, personal characteristics, perceptual speed and other essential elements. The GPS is unique as in one report it provides information related to the essential psychological components associated with success in sports; it's the only tool on the market that does this (for more information on the GPS, please click here or visit the GPS section of this website).

The sports community is quickly realizing the advantages of this tool and the GPS has already been used by prominent sports organizations throughout North America. Members of EPSI's Sports Division have worked closely with notable athletic organizations such as the NHL's Ottawa Senators who used the GPS to assess prospects for the upcoming draft, Baseball Canada for their recruitment campaign, university football teams, junior hockey teams and other Canadian national sports organizations. Our Sports Division consultants can assist your organization in implementing the GPS as part of a training regimen, recruitment campaign or in a player development program, as well as provide all required equipment and logistical support.

Consultants in EPSI's Sports Division are also specialized in test interpretation and an athlete's results can be presented to the athlete as well as to team representatives including coaches, scouts, sports psychologist or team administrators. While EPSI consultants in the Sports Division may provide feedback on the results, training is also available to enable team officials to interpret these test results in the future.

If you would like to take your team's performance to the next level, it would be our pleasure to provide you with specific information on how the GPS can benefit your organization. We truly believe that this tool will help you identify and develop your athletes and your team. Get started with GPS today, because attitude is everything!


EPSI was founded in 1995 by a group of professionals working and teaching in various areas of individual and group assessment and evaluation. The firm is led by its president, André Durivage, PhD., an academic well known for his extensive work in competency based assessment and evaluation tools and techniques.

Over time, in collaboration with our clients, we have established a specialization in the development of generic and tailor-made assessment tools as well as providing evaluation solutions to our clients in the private, para-public and public sectors. We have become leaders in the field of assessment and evaluation as they pertain to various areas of selection and evaluation. We continue to provide our clients with the ability to evaluate the potential of their current and future organizational members through the use of generic and/or tailor made assessment tools and various assessment strategies that meet their diverse needs. We are able to help our client organizations across the globe ensure their competitive edge by helping them select, retain, and develop the best and brightest.