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  • HOCKEY GPS can be used to identify mental toughness.
  • SOCCER Do you have the personality profile to not crumble under pressure?
  • FOOTBALL Tired of your team losing on a last second field goal?
  • BASKETBALL The GPS can help you bounce back from a few missed shots.
  • BASEBALL GPS helps you assess beyond the physical aspect of your athletes.
  • INDIVIDUAL The only thing standing between you and the podium is yourself.
  • TEAM Learn what the personality profile of your team is so you can finally make it work!

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For athletes, the psychological aspect of the game is just as important as their physical ability. On many occasions, we have seen a player with extraordinary raw talent give disappointing performances. Athletes who possess strong personal qualities have that asset that will help them achieve that special performance.
Perceptual speed:
Being the only person responsible for your performance, you must be in complete control of your movements and reactions as new situations arise. The GPS perceptual speed exercise is one way to measure speed and efficiency when responding to these types of challenges in your sport.
Problem Solving skills:
Athletes’ problem-solving skills are directly connected to their understanding of their environment and to their ability to solve any problems that they may face when practicing their sport. Players must be fully capable of understanding and implementing their sport’s strategies and tactics as they will not usually have anyone to rely on during the game. The greater a player’s skills in this area, the more likely he/she will be able to make the right decision and be in the right place a required
Motivation Factors:
The intrinsic motivation of an individual sport athlete is very important, due to the fact that the athlete must establish his own motivation standard. The GPS assesses different motivational factors that can influence an athlete’s performance.
Personal Factors:
The nature of individual sports means that athletes are often the only factor dictating the outcome of their performance. In other words, each player has a crucial effect on his or her success. The nine (9) personality factors assessed by the GPS determine whether athletes will be able to manage their stress and maintain their focus in those crucial moments.

Coaching Staff

As the coach of an athlete who practices an individual sport, you must constantly be on the look-out for reactions or tells that are preventing your athlete from achieving their goals. As a coach, you must take into account your athlete’s personality and character when creating their training program or developing a strategy for their upcoming athletic activity. In addition, knowing what exactly motivates your athlete when performing their sport, you will be able to contribute to his or her success and to the achievement of his or her full potential. The GPS can guide you in developing a future winner.

Athletic Support

Whether you are a trainer, sports therapist or a fitness specialist, the key to your success is being able to motivate your athlete to follow your program and get the best out of them during the time you are with him/her. In order to do so, it is important to understand what motivates the athlete or what personality traits they possess so you that can adjust the manner in which you approach them. As part of an athlete’s support network, your usefulness lies in your ability to play a key role in a player’s success, not only on the ice, but off it as well. Explore how the GPS will help bring that extra value added to your clients.