Be Innovative, but Stay True to Yourself!

January 19, 2017

Toblerone chocolate bars recently caused uproar in the United Kingdom when they changed the shape of their famous bar! Their reason for the shrinkage? The company explained, “[…] like many other companies, we are experiencing higher costs for numerous ingredients.”1 That being said, every company must be successful, and every company feels pressure to find ways to improve its profitability. But at the detriment of its identity?!

It makes you wonder…

In the world of human resources, which is one of intense competition and demands for positive results, how can we avoid compromising our values, and moreover, make them a guiding star? The secret is to stay true to yourself, and then promote your own identity! If you must be more successful and innovative, change the way you do things rather than slash the very essence of your company! For example, optimizing your selection processes is a simple and effective solution that allows you to reduce costs without selling your soul!

  1. Innovate

Are you experiencing budget cuts? Are you desperately looking for ways to save money and keep the company afloat? Does senior management closely scrutinize your HR strategies? As an HR manager, you have lots of solutions at hand. Innovation is one: “Revamping business practices and increasing competitive ability require innovative strategies, and ICT is, henceforth, vital!”2 This is the conclusion of a survey carried out among Québec and Canadian companies, and it reflects this new reality, opportunity even! This is particularly true in HR, where personnel selection and development can become long and costly processes.

  1. Stay authentic

Don’t make concessions on your organizational values or on the competencies you want to be known for. These have a direct impact on talent attraction and retention within your company! It is not your company that should strip itself of its character, but it is rather its business processes that should adapt instead. Experts can help you transform your assessment solutions and personalize them so that you can remain authentic and loyal to your own values. Whether you are adapting psychometric tools or customizing reports, integrating your organizational competencies into your workforce selection and development processes will be a decisive step towards success, in a very short time!

By investing in an innovative, flexible, and economic business solution, you will no longer worry about being held accountable for the company’s low profit. If an online platform allows you to automate your processes, it’s the way you customize and adapt your processes that will ultimately help you reach your financial goals, and propel your company forward on your most solid attribute: the values and competencies that define you!

Frédérique Henri

Manager, Client Accounts


  1. Toblerone’s Facebook, October 15, 2016.
  2. Results of a survey carried out among Québec and Canadian businesses and organizations. An initiative by CEFRIO (research and innovation organization, mandated by the Government of Québec), November 2012.

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