Customized assessment solutions for your recruitment processes!

EPSI provides expertise in assessment solutions and consulting services to the federal government to help you identify the potential in your hiring process. We provide customized assessment solutions through strong partnerships.

Success Stories in Numbers Since 1999

Worked with more than
35 Federal Government Departments and Agencies
Integrated more than 300
tests online
Managed more than
1000 Appointment
350 000
Assessed more than
350 000 Candidates

Our assessment solutions

EPSI is able to provide a wide range of customized service for the public service. We are qualified for the following Standing Offers and Supply arrangements:


TSPS – National Master Standing Offer (SO) number

Évaluation Personnel Sélection International


1.8. Staffing Consultant

1.1. Human Resources Consultant

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ProService Supply Arrangement

Évaluation Personnel Sélection International


8.8. Staffing Consultant

8.1. Human Resources Consultant

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TSPS Supply Arrangement (SA) number

Évaluation Personnel Sélection International


1.8. Staffing Consultant

1.1. Human Resources Consultant

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Procurement Business Number (PBN)

141186734 PG-0001




GST Number:

14118 6734 RT0001

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Our Services for the Public Sector

Our Services

EPSI provides you consulting services in human resource management and specializes in the development of competency profiles, assessments, and professional development, specifically, solutions aimed at maximizing the performance employees and identifying employee potential.

Recruitment and Selection
Career Development and Training
Succession planning
Competency Management
Test Development

Our Assessment Solutions

EPSI’s standardized assessment products allow organizations to identify and better predict future job performance using an objective baseline.

We created a series of assessment products designed to evaluate various competencies within the workplace, ranging from Administrative skills to Senior Executive capacity.

Administrative and Clerical Assessment Solutions

Linguistic Evaluation and Assessment

Personality Tests

Services Assessment Products

Professional products

Managerial Level Assessment Tests

Smart Screening

  • A system of semantic and statistical analyses of resumes to help you reduce the time allocated to your selection process.
  • A triage process to reach conclusions about your candidates more quickly.
  • An online integrated assessment tools that efficiently identifies candidates who possess experiences and education deemed essential.


SMART Testing

 “An approach that costs 70% less than the traditional approach”

  • EPSI SMART Testing  – the ideal online platform to design a program tailored for your processes.
  • Developed in six (6) phases, this new tool offered by EPSI can host all types of tests online.
  • This tool helps leading organizations customize and continually refine a program to efficiently evaluate thousands of people located anywhere in the world.


Smart Interview

  • One of the most valid and reliable assessment tools used in personnel selection.
  • We offer you an online tool that allows you to create, within minutes, a professionally designed structured interview guide.


20/20 Reference

  • A structured reference check that allows you an external evaluation of your candidates validating the results obtained in steps before hiring.
  • An online reference check process allowing you to effectively perform background checks.


20/20 Exit

  • A questionnaire, developed by experts, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your employees’ reasons for leaving the organization and to gain insight into the areas that the organization could improve upon.


The Benefits

  • Improves the efficiency of the selection process:
    • Reduces the time required to assess candidates;
    • Reduces the logistics of assessments;
    • Reduces the time required to produce reports and.
    • Reduces costs associated with the assessment of candidates.
  • Ensures greater process standardization;
  • Increases the pool of candidates;
  • Improves organizational image;
  • Enhances the perception of candidates.