How to Turn a Learning Solution into a Lever for Your Organization

June 8, 2016

In a competitive and changing world, the performance of an organization is more crucial than ever not only to its success, but also to its sustainability, above all. How can an organization adapt to the changes and demands of the market? The substantive issue is basically how can a competitive company constantly maintain a transformational approach while staying firmly in the race? This is a major challenge for organizations.


The amount of money organizations spend every year on various group-training programs is astronomical. But are their benefits and impacts on the organization’s performance being measured? What role do we, as human resources professionals, play within our organizations in optimizing training? It goes without saying that we are a guiding force; but what if we also played the role of change initiators, in order to train our employees to develop their full potential in line with the strategic goals of the company? In other words, what if, instead of being reactive and parrying blows, we became proactive and met market demands head on to better cope with them?

How? Here is a simple, affordable, and optimal solution: suggesting personalized innovative and relevant learning strategies that will generate a direct return on both financial and human investments!

In an era of high employee mobility, tighter budgets and a relentless search for new talent, learning strategies must rapidly provide results while being adaptable, accessible—and above all—must have positive and direct impacts on organizational performance. Setting up individualized development plans has become an optimal and a concrete solution enabling organizations to place emphasis on developing the competencies, which will contribute tangibly to the achievement of the corporate mission.

Clearly defining the required competencies and creating development plans for each job profile and each employee, based on a thorough analysis and diagnosis of their proficiency level, are unquestionably crucial steps that lay the basis of organizational transformation. However, once the competencies to be developed have been identified, one needs a strategy in order to take concrete action. And what better strategy is there than a solution offering employees the opportunity to maximize their time by improving their competencies while working on special projects and mandates within their own organization? This solution provides the organization with the possibility of rapidly observing a return on its investment and enables the organizational structure to adapt and to be ready to confront new market challenges.

As for management succession, personalized training plans are becoming essential: the high potentials to develop in tomorrow’s leaders do not all share a common denominator, and do not call upon the same levers in order to achieve their goals. Thus, the training plans offer a number of quantifiable and measurable advantages in saving time, money, and energy. They represent a pertinent method to ensure that your learning solutions become levers for your organization right away, and stop being heavy budgetary burdens.

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