Our Consultation Services

Simply put, our consultants empower you to adapt a more rigorous, targeted and strategic brand of talent management. You’ll perform more effective personnel assessments for optimal organizational growth. You’ll more easily identify top candidates, reduce turnover rates, improve time-to-productivity ratios, and increase overall performance and efficiency.


Talent and Competency Management

Most HR professionals are aware that strategically evaluating talent and competencies is the best way to maximize return on efforts to recruit, hire, train and assess top performing employees. But how competent is your competency management? At EPSI, we offer proven, scientific-based strategies that help you quickly and effectively determine the skills and characteristics best associated with particular positions and job families. Grasp these insights and you’ll become empowered to make decisions that directly boost your organization’s bottom line.

Engagement Surveys

Increase your employee and organizational performance by conducting Employee Engagement Surveys. With our Model, you will be able to develop effective and realistic organizational strategies, based on actionable items. Our EPSI Talent Engagement Team will work with you from start to finish to implement an effective survey process that leads to measurable results.

Evaluation Process

Whether implemented for hiring, development purposes or talent mobility, all that goes into an evaluation process can seem overwhelming. Seasoned assistance from EPSI consultants make the process much easier to plan, execute, and analyse.

Optimized Assessment Tools

Combining your unique needs with the science behind effective assessment

Talent assessment tools that perfectly fit your requirements are typically quite difficult to find. Thankfully, it’s a much easier task to adapt COMPMETRICA assessment tools to quickly and efficiently realize your precise assessment objectives. Because what you can measure, you can improve!

Organizational Development

Being able to foresee the future is both powerful and necessary

The best strategists are planners, not improvisers. To that end, HR professionals should carefully consider key questions about their organization’s future: How many employees are retiring? Who will replace them? What are the skills and characteristics required for the vacant positions? How to best prepare the next generation of workers—and how to retain them?

Talent Analytic Services

In today’s competitive marketplace, certainty is more important than ever. Our EPSI team of experienced psychometric experts offers a range of specialized services that result in one thing you can count on: added confidence. We’ll help you manage talent assessments and other personnel-specific initiatives knowing that you are backed by credible and reliable sources.


Knowledge always pays!

Want your own team of top experts? EPSI consultants deliver inspiring workshops that detail the latest insights on prominent topics related to human resources management. 

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