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Both rigorous and innovative, our tools help you target individuals who are able to lead your organization to optimal efficiency.

COMPMETRICA Assessment Products

EPSI is a proud distributor of COMPMETRICA assessment products

COMPMETRICA assessment products and packaged solutions are advanced tools that help you accurately evaluate personnel in all positions and at all organizational levels. When you work with EPSI, you can choose from more than 40 COMPMETRICA tools for talent assessment and analysis that can help you refine and ultimately transform your workforce. 

Whether you emphasize personality, abilities, intelligence, knowledge, or values, COMPMETRICA’s assessments help you identify and retain the best talent.

COMPMETRICA has created a series of tests to allow you to confidently reach your assessment objectives. Find a particular test that meets your specific needs or select a package for a more comprehensive assessment.

COMPMETRICA Interview Builder
Within minutes, create structured interviews that efficiently assess the skills and characteristics of current and prospective employees in four simple steps.

Building a complete interview guide can be as easy as 1-2-3-4!

The structured interview is one of the most reliable and widely used assessment tools used in personnel selection. The Interview Builder is user-friendly online tool that allows you to create, within minutes, a structured interview guide that assists you in efficiently assessing the skills and characteristics of current and future employees.

There are four easy steps to building your structured interview guide:

  1. Identify the position
  2. Identify the competency profile
  3. Select the interview questions
  4. Choose your interview options

Simply identify the level, sector and/or title of the position to be filled and the COMPMETRICA Competency Profiler will automatically generate suggested profiles. Choose the competency profile that best represents the requirements of the position and select your interview questions accordingly from the suggested questions. You can then choose different interview options.

All structured interviews are developed in accordance with the COMPMETRICA Competency Model, which is backed by years of research and consultations with public and private sector organizations. Get started on your interview guide today and make the interviewing process easier and more effective!

For more information on the Interview Builder, visit our Compmetrica web page.

The Competency Model
Choose from more than 60 competencies grouped into 8 performance fields with this easy-to-use toolbox designed for exceptional talent management.

The model contains 60 competencies emanating from 8 performance fields (i.e. thinking skills, communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, technical and professional competencies, personal qualities and management skills and entrepreneurship). Each competency has its own definition and a list of 6 behavioral indicators that help you determine whether a candidate possesses a required competency.

Need assistance with determining which competencies are needed for the job and how to manage them? Our consultants are experts in Competency Management. Find out more by visiting the Consulting Services Page.

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COMPMETRICA Training Plans
COMPMETRICA Training Plans propose simple and easy-to-implement actions to follow in order to aid employees with career or professional development.

Based on a rigorous evaluation of the performance fields associated with a given position, training and development plans are available for each of the sixty (60) competencies included in the COMPMETRICA Competency Model.

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Ekko survey platform

Online Survey Platform

Ekko is an online, secure and confidential platform used to conduct surveys and gather employees’ feedback about their work experience and organizational climate. The Ekko Platform is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that allows you to upload your organizational chart, develop and deploy your surveys, and create action-oriented reports available for managers at all levels within your organization.

EPSI Online Testing Platform

Managing talent assessments may never be the same again

Whether it is our distributed products or your own assessments,The EPSI Online Testing Platform replaces the conventional approach with the power of the Internet, enabling you to register candidates, customize and conduct tests, produce evaluation reports, and consolidate your database—all without leaving your web browser.The Platform combines speed and efficiency, a user-friendly interface, and integrated functionality that fully eliminates the need for paper-and-pencil evaluation tools.

Custom Assessment Tools

Assess talent using only the competencies you need to identify top performers

Generic assessment tools that can get straight to the competencies indispensable to your organization are very hard to find. That’s why EPSI Custom Assessment Tools can make a critical difference in your assessment performance. Our experts in evaluation development will work with you to create highly targeted tools using a scientific process that is based on industry-best practices.