Driven by the best practices in personnel assessment and testing, COMPMETRICA offers a complete talent evaluation that meets the highest development standards in the industry.

Competency model

Why should you use this tool?


The Competency model represents one of the most effective ways to maximize the investment made in recruiting, staging, training, and assessing your personnel. Through the COMPMETRICA Competency Model, candidates can be evaluated on 60 different competencies, allowing organizations greater transparency, versatility, and flexibility in their human resources management and selection practices.

The COMPMETRICA Competency Model is divided into 8 specific areas:

  • thinking skills;
  • communication;
  • interpersonal relationships;
  • leadership;
  • technical and professional competencies;
  • personal qualities;
  • management skills;
  • entrepreneurship.

Each competency includes a definition and a set of six behaviour indicators. We also provide you with:

1) A description of the repercussions of over- or under-using a competency;

2) An analysis of how frequently a competency is selected among different position levels (i.e. individual associate, professional, manager, senior executive);

3) The emotional, social, cognitive and technical aspects of each competency;

4) A table of the level of difficulty in learning the inherent structure of a competency, as well as the required personnel and organizational commitment to develop this aspect in employees


The COMPMETRICA assessment products allow you to identify and better select the people that will contribute to the performance of your organisation. Whether we speak of values, personality, intelligence or abilities, our toolbox can offer you the necessary means for selecting the best management, sales or administrative support personnel.

A variety of tools for the following categories:

  • Personality – The questionnaires in this category are used in staffing actions to allow you to assess candidates on their approaches and critical behaviours in day-to-day work-related situations.
  • Cognitive – Assess a person’s learning capacity, more precisely the capacity for logical reasoning and for mental, verbal, spatial, and numerical operations in a work-related context
  • Sales – Assess the competencies needed to hire the best performers in the field of sales
  • Managerial – Assess a candidate’s managerial skills via multiple choice or text development tests.
  • Contact Center– Predict and manage the performance of your staff and ensure the success of your contact center
  • …and more
    • Values, interests, administrative support, technical, professional, workplace diversity, language, sports as well as health and workplace safety!

Choose, Coach and Compete

  • Select the best candidates;
  • Identify your training needs;
  • Predict candidates future work performance ;
  • Benefit from higher performing employees;
  • Find the candidates that will fit your organizational culture;
  • Reduce your losses due to staff turnover.
  • Continuously evaluate your employees;

Available in multiple languages

The COMPMETRICA assessment tools are available in several languages, including French, English and Spanish.

Training Plans

For career or professional development purposes, the COMPMETRICA Training Plans provide maximum benefits derived from a rigorous evaluation and feedback on the performance fields of a given position. These training and development plans are available for each of the sixty (60) competencies of the COMPMETRICA Competency Model.

Use the training plans for:

  • Identifying development objectives to give your employees for each one of the 60 COMPMETRICA competencies;
  • Creating a list of concrete actions to improve each of the 60 COMPMETRICA competencies among your employees;
  • Identifying available resources to improve the mastery of each of the 60 COMPETRICA competencies (reference works, videos, courses and workshops).
  • Increase employee productivity;
  • Improve the performance of your employees by perfecting their competencies;
  • Prepare your employees to take on new responsibilities.