IBM Talent and Workforce Management

EPSI has formed an important partnership with IBM in order to respond effectively to its clients need. We offer comprehensive assessment solutions where IBM products and methods complement EPSI assessment solutions.

With IBM products, EPSI provides you innovative solutions that have a real impact on your evaluation processes.

IBM Products

A unique IBM initiative that helps you attract and develop an engaged workforce!

IBM Skills Assessments offer you Customized assessment solutions for your organization allowing you to identify the talent in your hiring process.

IBM Kenexa Skills Assessment

IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments offers an extensive portfolio of assessments in multiple languages that assess traits, skills and fit for individuals, managers and leaders.

IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments offer:

  • A design-light platform which allows test-takers to complete their assessments on PCs, tablets, or smartphones with ease.
  • Validated skills assessment tests that include basic, intermediate and advanced-level items, which reveal the level of knowledge in a particular area.
  • Over 1,500 skills assessment tests for clerical, software, health care, industrial and technical positions to help your company identify and select the most talented candidates.

IBM Talent Acquisition Suite

IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is a set of Cloud-based products that work together to help streamline and optimize employee recruitment and onboarding. This comprehensive hiring solution helps organizations attract, hire, and onboard top talent using an automated process, incorporating the latest mobile and enterprise technologies.

The three components of IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite are:

  • BrassRing – an integrated recruitment platform which will facilitate the evaluation, identification, and hiring of top performers. BrassRing is available as part of the Talent Acquisition Suite, or as a standalone product.
  • IBM Kenexa Onboard – a social platform that facilitates the assimilation of new hires into your organization and their work teams.
  • Connections Social Cloud – social platform that help employees network, collaborate, and share knowledge and information amongst themselves in a fun, less formal setting.
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