Online Testing Platform

Managing talent assessments may never be the same again

Whether it is our distributed products or your own assessments,The EPSI Online Testing Platform replaces the conventional approach with the power of the Internet, enabling you to register candidates, customize and conduct tests, produce evaluation reports, and consolidate your database—all without leaving your web browser.The Platform combines speed and efficiency, a user-friendly interface, and integrated functionality that fully eliminates the need for paper-and-pencil evaluation tools.

Online Testing Platform



Installing your tests on the EPSI Online Testing Platform is a simple process with any test type: multiple-choice, essay-style questionnaires, data entry, knowledge or in-basket exercises. You can store test results and reports on the platform for as long as you wish and easily generate a host of insightful customized reports.


Hosting of your own tests and storing of your data!

–       Hosting of your tests, no matter the type: multiple-choice or essay-type questionnaires, data entry, knowledge, in-basket exercises and other formats;

o   Read more about our Smart Testing

–       Storing of results and reports on the platform for the duration of your choice;

–       Customized reports.




Logging on to the EPSI Online Testing Platform allows you to have better flexibility in terms of location and timing. Register candidates, have them take a test online anywhere in the world, produce evaluation reports and consolidate your database at any time everywhere.


More time on your hands!

–       Immediate scoring of multiple-choice tests;

–       Reports can be downloaded instantly;

–       You can now provide instant feedback;

–       Scoring reliability.


No more paper!

–       Lower long-term costs;

–       No delays or supply fees for test materials;

–       No materials for the administrator to manage (i.e., exercise books or participant notebooks);

–       Superior storage efficiency.


Easy to implement!

–       No software to install, the solution is completely online – PaaS (Platform as a service);

–       Compatible with Internet Explorer; Chrome, Firefox and Safari;

–       Compatible with Mac and PC;

–       Supported by tablets and smart phones.


Configured to YOUR needs!

–       Configurable access accounts to accommodate all users within your organization;

–       Assignment of user rights based on individual levels of responsibility;

–       Ability to structure access by department, component, sector, etc.;

–       Results sharing and confidentiality based on your situation;

–       Customizable:

o   Integrate logos and customized pages;

o   Communicate with your own platforms;

o   Candidate data requirements.


It’s easier for your candidates!

–       Clear and easy-to-follow test instructions;

–       User-friendly navigation from question to question;

–       Secure administration.