About Us

At EPSI, we are focused on one thing: delivering comprehensive expertise to help you get the most from your most important resource: people.We customize a full range of human resources talent assessment and consulting services to help you overcome immediate challenges and realize long-term goals.

Our Company

In a highly competitive world where your workforce directly impacts profitability, it’s critical to compare your HR approach to the industry’s best practices. To that end, the core objective at EPSI is to help you answer key questions, such as: Are your recruitment efforts efficient, focused, and effective? Do new employees stay with you for the long term? And how exactly do the latest recruits add to your bottom line?

With more than 20 years of consultative support experience augmented with Internet-based solutions, EPSI can transform your assessment and evaluation practices, ensuring that you hire and retain only the very best talent. We’ll also help align the skills, knowledge, abilities and values of the people you bring in with your organization’s vision—resulting in a culture that is built to succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

Our mission is simple—to provide powerful assessment solutions that incorporate the best practices and latest trends in psychometric testing, supported by the leading technological tools for today’s workplace.




Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of handpicked specialists in the areas of human resources management, psychology, industrial relations, international relations, career orientation and administration. Our integral team is divided into six groups:

    André Durivage


    Julie Thibault

    Vice President

    Nicolas Roy

    Vice President - Consulting Services and Business Development

    Mathieu Durivage


    Sylvie Auger

    Associate - Public Sector and Client Experience

    Estelle Paradis

    Associate, Conception and integration